Pretty Gorgeous

January 08, 2017

Pretty Gorgeous


Modern life is all about the to-go mentality. From early morning yoga classes to after work dates, it’s hard to not be rushing around. But no matter how busy, ladies learn how to multitask and that includes our beauty care. It’s part of our superpower!

Every #girlboss out there needs a well-packed makeup bag. It’s perfect for a quick refresh during the day or when you won’t be able to stop by at home before your next get-together. Here are the cosmetic goodies you need to survive any last minute event or emergency. Day or night, you will look pretty gorgeous every time!


No product out there is as versatile as the BB Cream. Short for beauty balm, this little gem is an all-in-one wonder that will protect against the sun’s damaging rays, hydrate and illuminate while providing light to medium coverage. It may sound too good to be true, but it’s the real talk when it comes to ah-mazing looking skin. One layer is enough to give you an even and glowy complexion for the mornings, but you can add an extra one for night-time events. Oh and instead of the heavy, glass packaging found in foundations, these come in light containers, perfect for stashing away.


Multitaskers unite! As you can tell, we’re fans of makeup items with more than a single function. Forget about powder blushes and go for a stain instead. One tiny bottle is all you need for rosy cheeks and pucker up lips! The best part is how naturally flushed you will look and how easy - totally brush free- the application is. Just dab a few dots on the cheeks and lips, then gently pat with your fingertips. In case you aren’t a fan of a matte finish, just add a coat of lip balm for hydration. Stains are a true holy-grail for the no-makeup makeup look that is always a hit.


Two items and you’re set for both work meetings as well as a night out with your girlfriends. To start, invest in a brightening, pinky nude pencil for your waterline that can also be applied under your brow bone and on the inner corner of your eyes. This will help you look fresh and more awake for the day. The clock has hit 5 PM and it’s happy hour time? No problem! Get your black eyeliner and use it to line your upper eyelids. Don’t bother with a straight application- grab a trusty q-tick, smudge that baby in and you can skip the eyeshadow. Vixen, smoky eyes in under a minute!


Makeup is all about bringing out your most beautiful features. Every lady out there can benefit from a little magic from the mascara wand. Darker, thicker and fluttery lashes add allure to any pair of eyes. But in order to bat those pretty lashes and never face the dreaded raccoon effect, go for tube mascaras. The film technology means each lash is individually wrapped, so it’s smudge safe and will last even after the most strenuous gym session.


You can be close-up ready no matter what time of the day. So beat that midday shine with blotting sheets. These are a must-have in your makeup bag to soak up excess oil and remove unwanted shine. One paper is enough to have your skin looking fresh and matte. It’s a complete lifesaver for when you can’t wash your face and reapply your makeup from scratch!


Heading from the office straight to a party? Impress your date by smelling incredible. Make sure to have a rollerball of your signature scent or even a tiny bottle of a fragrant perfume oil in your bag. It’s the perfect final touch before you step out to a memorable evening.

We hope our no-fuss, easy tips helped you narrow down the must-haves for your on the go beauty arsenal. Stop overloading your handbag with products you never use. Focus on the few that can transform your look and always leave you ready no what matter the occasion. Slay it, lovelies!

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