Balayage Beach Babe

February 24, 2017

Balayage Beach Babe



Spring is right around the corner and summer is - thankfully - getting closer. So why not take the plunge and update your look? If you have been dying to color your mane and become the ultimate balayage babe, we got you covered. From technique to the special care required, here are our best tips for Pinterest worthy hair!



Yes, it’s totally possible to get the surfer girl look even if you live in the city like we do. Balayage is the lazy girl’s favorite dye job. You get the benefits of a color change with minimal effort. It’s all about achieving beach hair and enhancing your natural shade by going 2 to 3 shades lighter in strategic spots. Add a touch of bronzer to your cheeks and everybody will be asking where do you vacay!



The word balayage in french means “to sweep” and that is exactly what your stylist will do. With the bleach in hand, they “paint” strands of hair through small triangle sections. This prevents a no-striped look and adds luminosity in a very subtle way. The darker strands left untouched will help add depth and keep upkeep to a minimal. Since the transition is much softer than traditional highlights, you can go up to 6 months without visiting the salon. Your wallet and hair will be thankful!


The best part is that the technique works on blondes as well as brunettes. As a matter of fact, the current hottest hair trend is the shade “bronde” - a perfect intermediary between brunette and blonde locks. This means most ladies can keep their natural shade as a base while just lighting a few pieces throughout the length and on the ends.


Remember, DIY’s are fun, but not when it comes to hair coloring. In order to look effortless, the stylist knows exactly where to work the magic. By doing it yourself, you risk damaging your hair and could end up with the zebra look. Yikes!



To lighten the hair, balayage does involve bleaching and toning to eliminate brassy tones. But with the proper care, your hair will look oh-so-gorgeous!


Regular shampoos tend to have harsher ingredients that strip color. It’s important to always use a shampoo formulated for color-treated hair to keep the hues vibrant and fresh. Make sure to alternate moisturizing and protein treatments once a week. The deep-conditioning will keep your locks hydrated and strong.


And if you think your hair is a suffering a little too much, fret not! Apply a bit of coconut oil to the tips of your hair before you jump in the shower. The oil prevents protein loss and leaves your hair buttery soft.


Last, it’s a good idea to use a toning shampoo every other week to keep the dreaded orange undertones at bay.



After your dye job, it’s time to style. Flowing, beachy waves are the perfect complement to sun-kissed hair.


To our luck, mermaid strands have never been easier to achieve. Fresh from the shower, add a bit of serum as a base to fight off frizz. Next, take your salt spray and give it a few pumps. This will add texture and volume to your mane. You can scrunch it up and let it air-dry for a no-fuss look, or put it in a bun until it’s dry for defined waves.


For the ultimate cover girl tousle, take your curling iron and use it on the pieces that frame your face. Brush it out with your fingers, add an extra touch of salt spray and hit the town! That’s it - you are now a true balayage beach babe!

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