All the Single Ladies

January 26, 2017

All the Single Ladies


There’s no doubt that going from table for two to dining solo at the bar is an adjustment. If you are recently single, fret not!  Here is our foolproof dating advice to enjoy your new found freedom, date smart and warm up during these chilly winter nights. Maybe you’ll find a special someone or you’ll just have a blast!




Nobody needs anybody. Fresh from a heartbreak it may seem like you will never recover, but you will. Having someone’s company can make the journey a lot more pleasant, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it on your own. You have, you can and you will. Being single is actually a terrific opportunity to do all those fun, self-indulgent things that are harder to incorporate when in a relationship. Impromptu road trip? Go! Ice cream for dinner? Why not? A full weekend yoga retreat? Book it. It’s a lot easier to arrange things when you don’t have to consult anybody else’s schedule or desires. The day has 24 hours and each one of those will be yours. Savor it.




When relationships end it can be hard to see a light at the end of the tunnel. You’re hurt and often don’t feel too great. Try to do small things for you. Book a hair appointment and consider a new style. Give yourself a pedicure while watching your favorite show. Start fresh and clean out your life and closet from any clutter. Or better yet, treat yourself to a little something special that is for you and no one else. Just because it makes you feel good and that’s the best reason in the world to splurge.




We get it, it’s 2017 and everybody has at least 3 different apps on their phones all bearing the same mission: meeting people. It seems a bit absurd that chatting up a cute guy at a coffee shop sounds out of place these days. After all, why bother with (potential) rejection when you can just swipe for a match? While technology can help introduce us to people we’d otherwise never run into, it can also create a blase approach to human interactions. Also, serial dating can be exhausting and you already have school and work to think about, right? Lay low and keep your presence active on mostly one app.





Don’t waste precious energy imagining scenarios in your head. Maybe it will work out, maybe it won’t. But you’ll crash and burn every time it doesn’t turn into something serious because of all the fantasy behind it. Part of the fun lies in the unimaginable and seeing where things go on their own. Don’t look at every potential suitor with a checklist, where you’re ticking off qualities. As a matter of fact, take that list and bin it. Some of the greatest romantic stories just...happened. It’s a love thing.





With the bad guys. It might seem tricky to differentiate between going with the flow, but also avoiding traps. The thing is, there’s a difference in someone shady and someone who is just taking it slow. If he seems nervous about meeting your parents but will gladly introduce you to his friends, that’s cool. But if he will text you all week and then disappear on weekends without ever making plans? Then you’re a filler, just distracting him from work. Your time is precious and better spent on yourself, with friends and well-deserving dudes.




When you are still getting to know somebody, you might be wary about what is appropriate to share or not on a date. Easy, just focus on the positives: a new restaurant you loved - second date hint, hint-, an upcoming trip you are saving up for, or a passion project you have been working on.The possibilities are endless to let the real you shine through while avoiding any awkward talk about exes.




Ladies are used to letting guys make the first move. But a lot of times they are patiently waiting for some kind of signal that says it’s okay to go for it. So speak up - about anything. It doesn’t have to be the smartest sentence to come out of your mouth, a simple “Wow, this place sure gets crowded on Fridays” is more than enough. If he engages, he’s interested. If he doesn’t, then you just go back to your drink and friends. Be open to the potential of things happening, give destiny and romance a little helping hand.

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